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Product Line Up

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Introduction of Product

Simple is the Best, Flatima

It is the product that has received the 2009 iF Design Award for the first time in the domestic wiring device industry to strengthen the competitiveness of design
and to continue its reputation until now.
We introduce Flatima that creates the maximum atmosphere with a minimum design.

Hairline Pattern Applied Aluminum Plate

Flatima Series that has been designed with the main modern and luxury concept to fit the luxurious living environment of Korea

Panasonic Self Standard (Test) Satisfactory Product

Panasonic product (original Japanese product) has been applied to the main core body of a switch for high precision and sturdiness.
It is the product that has passed stricter Panasonic self standard than that of JIS which is stricter than Korean Standard.

Ultimate Softness Different from General Switching Type Push ON/OFF Type Touch Applied

Safety Outlet

Many infants' electric shocks have occurred in the households while they played with chopsticks or metal pieces by inserting them in the outlet.
Especially, we propose to use the safe outlet as a preventive measure to prevent children of younger than 5 years old who have no ability to react against danger from electric shock.

Automatic Standby Power Cut-Off Outlet

If using the automatic standby power cut-off outlet,
there is no need to unplug a plug or turn off a power strip switch after using electric appliances.