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Product Line Up

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Introduction of Product

Simple is the Best,<b>Neotima</b>

It is the product that has received the 2009 iF Design Award for the first time in the domestic wiring device industry to strengthen the competitiveness of design <br> and to continue its reputation until now.<br>We introduce Neotima that creates the maximum atmosphere with a minimum design.<br>

Hairline Pattern Applied Aluminum Plate

<br>Neotima Series that has been designed with the main modern and luxury concept to fit the luxurious living environment of Korea <br>

Self Standard (Test) Satisfactory Product

<br>The switch body, which is a core component, is highly precise and robust by applying products that have passed domestic and international upgrade tests.<br>Also, it is stricter than the domestic quality standard, KS.<br>It has passed stricter standards than JIS in Japan.<br>

Ultimate Softness Different from General Switching Type <b>Push ON/OFF</b>Type Touch Applied